Find the capacity your client deserves

Marmalade makes it easy to get your clients’ business in front of insurers on and off the platform.

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Competitive advantage.

Gain insights about new client opportunities and lead generation via aggregate exposure and loss data.

Marmalade's structured submissions help you increase the capacity you can make available to your clients at the best rates.

Streamlined placement.

Marmalade's simple data capture tools make it easy to align your submissions with carrier models so you can get their attention, and your quote, fast.

Consolidate and analyse.

Enjoy the same aggregate view of client loss runs that the insurer will use to price and judge the deal.

Marmalade's analytics deliver a myriad of insights which increase the value you can bring to client relationships, strengthening your brand.

Marmalade helps you get more business quoted

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Our modern cloud-native platform is built from the ground up with security and performance at its core.

Thoughtfully Designed

We put people first with a submission process that's an asset, not a chore, plus powerful analysis and comparison tools which are easy and enjoyable to use.

Always Improving

We're continuously adding new capabilities to Marmalade guided by customer feedback and our internal roadmap.

Built to Scale

Using modern cloud infra and app frameworks, our platform is designed to grow with you.

Mobile Friendly

Access your notes and submissions online, from any device, at client mettings or while you're on the move.