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We're on a mission to help participants in the Casualty & Specialty insurance market move to modern systems so teams can do their best work, not busywork.

Our flagship product Marmalade has already helped customers capture over a million ground up losses and price deals they wouldn't have considered otherwise.

Structuring data and connecting people so they can make informed decisions remains our guiding principle, but it's the close working relationships with clients that truly sets us apart.

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How we started

After meeting at Cambridge University our CEO James Robinson, and CTO Mark Higgins, joined the finance industry where they participated in numerous digital transformation projects.

When they moved to the insurance sector they were surprised to learn just how scarce good data was and how archaic processes remained.

Frustrated about the effects this had on providing analysis, and recognising how intelligently presented data could deliver real value and insights, James decided to take the leap and found Cactus.

By collaborating directly with the people who understand the detail of broking and underwriting processes we deliver a continuing programme of efficiency improvements, and a unified platform with ease of use that is exemplary.

Why Marmalade?

Because it's not JAAM*

*Just Another Actuarial Model – ba dum tss...